Mark Sayers is a renowned author, pastor and speaker — and I was so excited to get an interview with him for a bonus episode this week. His books, specifically “Disappearing Church” and “Reappearing Church,” completely blew my mind with their incredible insight and analysis on the Western Christian church, post-Christian culture and what the history of the Church reveals about how God is moving RIGHT NOW. Mark’s work came blasting into crazy relevancy with COVID-19 because he writes so beautifully about how God works in tragedy, crisis, transition and change — all things we are experiencing worldwide right now.

This episode is relevant to COVID, but also important for anyone who cares about faith, the future of the Church and wants some good news about what God’s doing in the West, despite what the headlines or doomsday statistics may say. His books inspired my recent Wall Street Journal op/ed and his work has influenced the aim I’m taking in my next book.

I was honored to get this interview with Mark (who is in Australia) so we were on different days while recording and please stay till the end because his answers get really good in the last few moments.

Learn more about Mark here!

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