K.J. Ramsey is a writer, therapist and person who suffers from chronic pain. In her new book, “This Too Shall Last,” K.J. writes about living with faith in the midst of pain that may not end. She told me one of the worst things those suffering hear from well-meaning loved ones is, “This too shall pass.” Thus, the name of her book. And, well, sometimes things don’t.

In today’s interview, I speak with her about living with her condition for over a decade, how she manages and what she does to remember God’s goodness in the midst of it. K.J. writes and speaks about the way community and pain are linked — and how our brains process struggles of all kinds. She talks about how she gets through her toughest days and what it’s like to be an at-risk person during COVID-19.

A truly inspiring conversation with a woman who will touch your heart with her wisdom.

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