Mary Katharine knows something about parenting in crisis. When she was 7 months pregnant and raising a 2-year-old, her husband, Jake, was tragically killed in a bicycling accident. In an instant, she was forced to become the parent she never thought she’d have to be. She resolved to be resilient and face life’s challenges with goals in mind, hope at front of mind.

She realized that many people are facing a similar, yet less tragic, dilemma right now. They don’t believe they are the parent who can do this — but they can. Her thoughts evolved into an IG video, then to a wonderful piece in The Atlantic called: “It’s Okay to Be a Different Kind of Parent During a Pandemic:”

Take a listen to the invaluable lessons Mary Katharine shares with me here. I’ve known her for many years and always been incredibly inspired by her grit, perspective and ability to live her life as she sees fit.

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