Alyson Premo found herself a single mom at rock bottom. She knew she had to stop drinking. And then, she knew she had to help other moms stop too. Today I speak with Alyson, the founder of Sober Mom Tribe, about her journey into and out of alcoholism.

Today, Alyson is free from the chains of alcohol and works with hundreds of women across the country to become sober and re-create their lives without alcohol. Alyson created Sober Mom Tribe after realizing there weren’t a ton of resources out there specifically for moms in recovery. Many sobriety programs and books are written by the childless or single, but moms face very unique challenges and they need a specific kind of support.

I enjoyed speaking with Alyson and learning some of her tips for remaining calm and staying sober in the face of struggles, including right now during the Coronavirus pandemic. I recently gave up drinking and have found so many fabulous women and moms like Alyson who are empowering people to choose something better for their lives. You’ll be amazed by her story.

If you struggle with drinking, or simply want to change your relationship with alcohol, check out Sober Mom Tribe or The Alcohol Experiment. If you like this subject matter, do NOT miss my episode last year with Annie Grace — it’s got way more on this topic.

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