Lauren Green McAfee has an infectious laugh and is so easy to talk to. You’d never guess the turmoil she’s been through in the past year. The grand-daughter of David Green, the founder of Hobby Lobby, she was born into an incredible family. But when she and her husband decided to start a family, things didn’t go as planned.

They began with the process of adoption, having no idea it would take 7 years to meet their daughter. After so many years of dealing with the adoption process, they finally brought their daughter, Zion, home. Shockingly, within weeks, they discovered Zion had a rare, childhood cancer that would require immediate attention.

Thankfully, Zion is now in remission, but the experience was shocking, scary and a whirlwind for Lauren, who has kept her spirits high and her faith in God’s plan in tact.

Today we talk about that whole journey, as well as the book Lauren wrote with her husband (they are both getting Ph.D’s right now!) about the Bible and why people might need to give it another chance!

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