Gracy Olmstead is a beautiful writer, her pieces published regularly in the New York Times and many others. As someone who ingests thousands of words per week, I make a point never to miss hers. She’s writes about culture, faith, politics, policy, farming, food and more — and does so with a voice all her own. Her pieces are often focused on compromise, human dignity and life and she has a knack for luring in both sides of an issue and helping them hear one another. So important!

Gracy is the mom of two little girls and grew up in rural Idaho. She’s now in Virginia, where she gardens, bakes, writes and stays at home with her girls. In today’s interview, we talk about the freelance writing lie and her process for coming up with ideas, as well as that tough mom-life balance when you are home with your kids and working.

I loved what she had to say about why she loves working with the earth in gardening and how she approaches ideas about writing with such reverence. She wants every piece to be extremely thoughtful and honoring of the topic at hand, which usually means no breathless op/es within 24 hours of breaking news 😉

She’s got a new book coming out and recently started an amazing monthly newsletter that writers, book and culture lovers will want to subscribe too. Gracy counts writers she’s loves to follow: Wendell Berry, Ross Douthat, Michael Brenda Dougherty, Elizabeth Bruenig, Emma Green & others. I second all of those!

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