Krish O’Mara Vignarajah is one impressive — and gracious — lady. She’s the President & CEO of Lutheran Immigration & Refugee Service (LIRS) and has been working hard during our country’s recent immigration struggles.

Prior to this position, Krish ran for Governor of Maryland and was Policy Director for First Lady Michelle Obama — very cool! I get her to answer a few questions about working with Michelle in this interview 🙂

I first encountered Krish while researching a piece I wrote on families in the immigration crisis for the Washington Post. I so enjoyed chatting with her that I knew I wanted to have her on the podcast right away! She has a lot of important insight on history and current immigration policy and how it’s affecting those crossing the border.

Hit up the interview around 20 minutes to hear Krish tick off some VERY important info. about the immigration crisis, myths people believe and why we all need to be invested in this.

She’s a toddler mom, like many us are — or have been — and I really resonated with her on the professional and mom life balance. Her passion, intelligence and mission are incredibly inspiring and I was so grateful to speak with her for this episode.

What we talked about:

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