Nancy French is many things: writer, mother, wife, swimmer, survivor of sexual abuse. She’s cultivated an incredible career as a ghostwriter of books for celebrities and political figures alike — and written her own books, as well.

Most recently, she wrote the biography of Alice Marie Johnson, the woman in prison for a non-violent drug offense — famous for being released from prison due to advocacy from Kim Kardashian. Nancy interviewed Kim, who wrote the foreword of the book, as well.

She’s mom to three great kids — one by adoption — and wife to David French, a highly respected faith and culture writer who nearly ran for President on the Independent ticket in 2016. How did that play out for them? You’ll find out.

In today’s interview, I speak with Nancy about everything from her young romance with David ( their love story that she recently wrote about in the Washington Post!) to adopting their daughter and what it was like that time she almost became a potential First Lady.

We also talk about why she decided to speak out against President Donald Trump in 2016, revealing devastating sexual abuse she endured as a child. How did 2016 change her? We discuss and Nancy is funny, gracious and kind in the thoughts she conveys.

What we talked about:

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