This week, the “Worth Your Time” podcast turns one year old! I know that the podcast market is a tad oversaturated, and I’ve seen lots come and go over the past year. I’m proud that I’ve stuck it out and had over 50 incredible guests join me on the show.

Pssst: Check out my FIRST episode HERE with my sister, Lindsey Hein, who inspired me and about a zillion other people to get into this game (she has arguably the most popular running podcast int he country!)

Also some favs with friends who got me rolling: Beverly Hallberg, Kelsey Bolar, Britney Cooper and Kelly Clemente! And so many more!

Fear not — I’m gonna keep it going into year 2. I’m rethinking a few things, and we may move to a bi-weekly schedule so I can be more intentional about my episodes. Stay tuned and be sure to sign up for my email list if you want to stay in the loop!

I wanted to share with you the top episodes of the past year! Here they are, with most popular in slot #1:

  1. Surviving Infant Loss: Brooke Martin’s Beautiful Deliverance

2. Rachael Denhollander Speaks: Justice Matters

3. Annie Grace of This Naked Mind

4. Intuitive Eating & Loving Your Body with Dietician Lauren Rieker

5. Bethany Mandel: Spicy Taking and Baby Making

6. Escaping a Cult: Anna LeBaron is the Polygamist’s Daughter

7. Faith, Fitness & Freedom: How Amia Freeman Was Rescued

8. A Cancer Warrior’s Legacy: Kelly Trent on Her Son Tyler’s Life

9. Achieving Impossible Dreams: The Atlantic’s Elaina Plott On the Record

10. Lila Rose on Choose Life with Love

Thanks to every person who has ever tuned into an episode (especially those who have left iTune reviews & shared episodes with friends!

It’s not easy keeping up with a weekly podcast (and missing a week only once during my vacation!). I do all the editing and production. I do it because I love it and feel honored people take time out of their busy lives to chat with me.

Thank you to my guests, listeners and God for giving me this opportunity.

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