Jess Ekstrom’s new book, “Chasing the Bright Side” is the perfect title for her personality. Though we haven’t met in person, she radiates light in conversation and I’ve learned so much from her online course helping women learn to hone their speaking skills.

Jess started an amazing company, “Headbands of Hope” when she was in college and it’s still thriving today, bringing style to many and plenty of headbands for children suffering from cancer. She’s got an amazing entrepreneurial story in today’s episode — one that makes you wonder how she had the gumption to keep going. But she did and the world is better for it.

Since founding her company, Jess has become a sought after speaker on the conference circuit. She’s built a career out of professional speaking jobs and is now training other women to do the same. I learned from Jess that people are dying to get more female speakers and we’ve got a gap to fill, friends. We’ve also got money to make in doing so, so don’t sell yourself short!

I really just enjoyed chatting with Jess today. She’s fun, genuine and truly encouraged me to keep reaching for those speaking goals I have.

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