Today’s interview got me thinking really hard. I wasn’t expecting to come with such profound revelations after speaking with author and pastor Stephanie Lobdell, but I surely did. You can see how part of that played out in my recent (vulnerability alert) Instagram post here.

Stephanie’s book, “Signs of Life: Resurrecting Hope out of Ordinary Losses” tackles some tough issues. While we love a good redemption story, most of us are not in the middle of extreme life traumas 24 hours a day. Most of us are dealing with the everyday battles: depression, negativity, infertility, self-image, busy-ness, stress, anxiety — you name it.

It’s nice to celebrate the Resurrection at Easter, but how about remembering why it matters everyday? Stephanie admits her book doesn’t necessarily cover the great tragedies of life, but the struggles that everyone can relate to. How do we get through when it feels so difficult? She gets honest about her battle with depression and her journey towards ministry leadership. I really appreciated Stephanie’s perspective and walked away with a load of things to consider.

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