There’s a tide turning in the United States. It’s not as loud as partisan media voices blasting from the TV, but it matters more. Briana Stensrud is helping make way for Christian women to embrace what it means to be fully pro-life, specifically as it relates to welcoming immigrants and refugees.

She helps lead Welcome, a community of women committed to creating a movement of Christ-like welcome in our country. It all goes back to loving the sojourner, Biblical hospitality, believing in the Imago Dei (every human created in God’s image), our call to be peacemakers and to continually invite the orphan, widow, marginalized and oppressed into love and safety.

It was interesting speaking with Briana about her work within the traditional pro-life space as it relates to ending abortion, and seeing how she transitioned to focusing on a larger, comprehensive pro-life ethic. I loved when she said, “You cannot scripturally justify prioritizing one vulnerable population over another.”

She has a Masters in Biblical and Theological studies from Dallas Theological Seminary so the woman knows what she’s talking about when it comes to scripture.

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