Elaina Plott is the White House Correspondent for one of the best magazines in the country, The Atlantic. She’s a fantastic writer with the right sense of curiosity and detail to capture the unique essence of a story or pen a brilliant profile.

At only 26, she’s got bylines in places you may only dream of (GQ, Harpers Bazaar, etc.) and now finds herself on staff at a magazine freelancers are dying to get a their names inside of. She joins brilliant journalists from the past 100+ years in putting together this monthly publication covering politics, culture and humanity from the most interesting, thoughtful angles you will find.

I was fortunate enough to work with Elaina when we were both at National Review magazine and have followed her work ever since. It was incredible to speak with her today about her career trajectory, how her faith sustaints her, how she remains fair and balanced and some of her best-kept writing secrets. You know I indulged her a little in some of those more specific questions about finding the story, grabbing the right details and writing a beautiful lede.

It’s always fascinating to go behind-the-scenes with a someone inside the hustle and bustle of the news-making craft and I certainly appreciate every bit of insight from Elaina in today’s interview.

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