There are some interviews that make you step back and take a deep breath. That’s how I felt before picking up the phone to speak with Kelly Trent, the mother of Tyler Trent — a young man many became familiar with in 2018 when his battle with cancer went public. It wasn’t his plan to make it so, but his invigorating spirit and zest for life couldn’t be contained.

Tyler became known as a Purdue superfan, as he decked out for Purdue football games even as he was extremely sick with Osteosarcoma. The team took notice of him — but it wasn’t just the fandom. Tyler’s faith was a tangible part of his life, establishing his hope in something greater than this world. When he received a second diagnosis of cancer after being in remission for two years, he decided this time around would be worth something.

It was then he began a journey towards raising millions for cancer research, offering hope for others battling this awful disease and finding strength and resilience in the people around him, God and the things he loved most in life.

To say it was a privilege to speak with the incredible woman who raised Tyler would be an understatement. Kelly took the time to share her heart with me, walk listeners through Tyler’s cancer journey and talk to us about what it means even though he ultimately lost is life in early 2019.

It can be hard to comprehend how someone walks through the sickness and death of a child. It can be hard to understand how they continue to rely on God when everything feels like its falling apart. Listen is as Kelly talks about how her family — and Tyler — accomplished this even as death stood at their door.

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