It was honor to speak with Helen Raleigh for this week’s episode of the podcast. Helen is a immigrant to the United States from China. She came here with nothing but a dream of education and opportunity that her parents and grandparents never had. Her story is sure to inspire you.

In this episode, I talk to Helen about some of the unbelievable abuses she and her family suffered under Communism — and about why she believes America still offers the greatest opportunity for success in the world.

We discuss everything from China’s one-child policy to her thoughts on Presidential candidates presenting socialism as a viable option (and why she’s against it), as well as how she views white supremacy in this country today. She also tells about what’s going on in Hong Kong and why’s it’s so important we support the protestors there.

Helen’s humble and hard-working roots are nothing but uplifting and full of hope. It was so incredible to get her honest take on issues. It was also a privilege to bring you this episode on behalf of the Steamboat Institute, where Helen and I first met.

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