Amia Freeman had no idea when she went to an aerobics class many years ago, that it ultimately change her life in an incredible way. In the end, fitness helped her come to know God and get rid of the baggage she’d been carrying in her life for years.

In today’s episode, we discuss her childhood growing up with an alcoholic father, the rough years of early motherhood and the way God works through our issues when we move our bodies. As Amia put it in a recent post:

Listen when you refuse to move your body you’ve decided to keep whatever is inside of you stuck.

For years, Amia has been using and preaching the value and association of pairing fitness with faith. Then, she lost the use of her legs in a strange, stress-related incident related to some things she hadn’t overcome emotionally in her life. We talk about that and how she moved forward, walked again and then found Revelation Wellness, where she now works. It’s a pretty amazing story — and one that is certainly worth your time.

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