Nadine McGowan has energy, passion and drive I only wish I did. Two years into being a Mom, God gave her a vision of helping women find their purpose — and she followed that vision to the mountaintop without even knowing how she would would do it.

The end result was the creation of Purposeful Living, INC (the INC actually stands for “in Christ!”), where women in the Indianapolis area can find support groups, networking events, empowerment meetings, life coaching and more, at no cost for the most part. Of course this means, PLINC is a non-profit that requires many volunteers and generous donations, which is all part of what God has provided for Nadine to live out this mission.

In this episode, we discuss how Nadine was a trip to South Africa working with women there when she realized she needed to help women here when she got back. Women in the Hamilton County area aren’t physically poor, like those she met in South Africa, nor do they fit the “needy” stereotype you might expect a non-profit to serve. But, poverty comes mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well — and every woman can suffer in that way. I love what Nadine says here:

“By serving this demographic, because they have resources, because they are educated, when they can get ‘on purpose,’ they can impact the world so much more…and get out and do what they’re called to do.”

The materially privileged are those that have the means to make a huge world impact, but if they are off-kilter and unable to find their purpose, they may not be able to do everything their privilege would allow them to. We must serve everyone and Nadine has found this very specific, incredible purpose in serving this group.

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