Rina Shah became a friend the moment I met her. We both have children ages 3 and 1 — and became moms after building our careers. It can be a hard transition, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Rina is a powerhouse in all the ways: She’s built a business, a non-profit, help run a campaign and is serious about bringing more women into leadership positions in politics and business. She’s also passionate about diversifying the Republican Party — as a woman of Indian decent — and values conversation, moderation and ideas.

She received some flack from pushing back against Trump 2016 and worked for the Independent candidate, Evan McMullin. We talk in this interview about valuing policies that work but keeping character in mind as well. She founded Women’s Public Leadership Network, something everyone should take note of!

She has an incredible family story — of where her parents came from and why she claims the title of “conservative” — and it’s worth tuning in just for that. Enjoy this conversation with Rina Shah!

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