Trisha Lopez-Davis has the warmest voice and it was an honor to invite her into my kitchen for today’s interview. She’s the co-founder of Hope City Church in Carmel, Indiana — and also a speaker, author, marriage ministry leader and mom of 5.

In today’s interview, I speak with Trisha about her recent experience of adopting two children, after already raising three boys, and what it looks like to parent children of a different race who have seen a lot of trauma in their lives.

We also talk about when Trisha and her husband, Justin, walked through infidelity in their marriage, causing their marriage and position as pastors to come to a screeching halt. How did they overcome? She tell us — and how they ultimately began a marriage ministry because of it. Her humility and perspective is so beautiful here. One of my favorite quotes from this interview:

“Believe that if God has called something on your life — His love for you and belief in you isn’t circumstantial. If you try something and fail, it doesn’t change His love or perception of you. But try anyway.”

Trisha also speaks to me about a time recently when she experienced debilitating depression — and how she dealt with it when she didn’t want to tell anyone that she actually reached the the point of suicidal thoughts. She had so many words of wisdom and truths about God’s presence in our lives to share.

Though I recorded this weeks ago, I really cherished listening to it again and scooping up some of her advice once again. I know you will get that same feeling as you listen.

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