Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa is so compelling to listen to. Get her started about being a pro-life feminist and you’ll just want to keep asking questions — so I did (which is why this interview is so long!) She’s not your average pro-lifer. The girl balks at political Parties (she’s an Independent), doesn’t go to church (“agnostic”) and is pro-life from wombxa to tomb — focusing on everyone from the most vulnerable unborn babies to men on death row to the men, women and children in detainment camps in the border right now.

A few weeks ago, Destiny’s organization “New Wave Feminists” spearheaded an effort that brought together more than 50 pro-life groups to bring necessary personal hygiene and baby products to families being kept in detainment camps along the Southern borders. Widespread reports said families didn’t have enough diapers, toothbrushes, shampoo — and more.

Pro-lifers made it clear they stand for all life — be it the unborn or the mom and her child trying to find a better life in the United States. Destiny is my favorite spokeswoman for the pro-life cause because she expertly articulates the reason we are struggling with it so much these days:

Dehumanization is the root of every single societal ill that we have. Dehumanization breeds more dehumanization — and the only anecdote to that is to humanize others.

Destiny and her friends brought over $100,000 worth of items to the border, delivering their load alongside the pro-life Catholic nuns taking care of people nearby. They had no help from Members of Congress (these happened to be Democrats, but we’ve no doubt it would have been bipartisan busy-ness) standing around nearby, too involved in their own press opportunities to help out.

In this interview, we discuss what it means to be a pro-life feminist, to respect ALL life and how we can work towards a world where abortion is unnecessary and unthinkable. Listen in if you want a thoughtful conversation about what all that means.

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