Coming at you today with a pop-up episode with my friend Billy Hallowell. He’s the author of three books, a podcast host and Director of Communications at Pure Flix, a family friendly movie, TV and documentary film company.

Billy and I thought we’d take our mutual love of faith and politics and bring it to you in podcast form today. We are both conservatives who struggle with Trumpism sometimes dominating the Right side of the aisle — and in today’s episode, we talk about that divide. We also talk about “Unplanned,” a movie Pure Flix produced about the life of former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson — and the impact the movie has had nationwide.

It wouldn’t be a complete convo without some book talk. We discuss our books and how we have dealt with some of the disappointment that can come with being a writer, even with a big accomplishment like that under your belt.

This is the most freely I’ve ever really talked politics (at least in audio form), so you can get a peek at what I *really* think, ha ha. Thanks for tuning in!

What We Talked About:

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