I’ve watched Lila Rose, the president and founder of the impactful pro-life organization Live Action, from afar for man years. She was just arriving on the scene back when I first made my way in Washington, DC.

Lila started the organization when she was only 15 years old. At 30, she’s grown it into a very visible and powerful entity that is helping to change hearts and minds around the issue of abortion. Her commitment to the issue from such a young age and the reasons behind why she’s dedicated her life to this cause are admirable. Lila says:

“The ultimate antidote to abortion is people who are living lives of love.”

Abortion is a hard issue to tackle on a daily basis. She’s received death threats and plenty of hate mail, but Lila doesn’t waver on her belief that life is worth fighting for. With the recent controversy over abortion laws in New York, Alabama and Georgia, Lila has been very busy.

She has also been making the rounds in podcast world, her interview with Candace Owens last week receiving quite a bit of attention for discussing something you hear little about these days: chastity until marriage. Kind of refreshing in this day and age if you ask me!

She also launched her own podcast and recently announced her first pregnancy, so I can only imagine it makes the issue she cares most about even a little more significant.

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