I had no idea that women were making such big moves in the conservation space, but Gabriella Hoffman is one of them who is paving the way!

She’s an avid fisher (wo)man, likes hunting and dedicates her time to efforts that empower both men and women in the conservation field. In fact, she has a whole podcast and YouTube series about it! At the same time, Gabby runs her own marketing and consulting business — and her entrepreneurial spirit is incredibly inspiring and contagious!

Though Gabby and I met through our political connections in DC, I’ve become so interested in her hobbies, which she’s turned into ventures of their own. In this interview, we talk about being a woman in these male-dominated spaces, what’s its actually like to be a member of the NRA and why she loves what she does so much.

Her parents fled Lithuania as adults and she and her sister were born in California soon afterward. Because of her history, Gabby cares deeply about the freedom offered here in the United States. Like me, she enjoys the political scene, but has plenty of other things she is passionate about — and she shares it all in this episode.

Things we talked about:

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