Alex Perry has an infectious personality — cheerful and spirited — she is the kind of positive warrior everyone would like to have in their life. I’m guessing that’s why she’s so great at her job teaching people how to craft and share their stories through public speaking.

After starting her career working with individuals who were unable to speak — either from birth or a condition — as a speech therapist, she transitioned to started her own business, PS with Alex.

Alex says:

My basic underlying belief is that we all have a message to share and we owe it to those that an’t speak to speak well. 

I got a taste of her skills last summer, when we met for coffee to discuss a few ideas for speaking I was doing for my upcoming book tour. Even spending one hour with Alex got my gears going. She truly knows how to bring the important messages to the surface. That’s partly why I was so excited she agreed to chat with me for today’s episode.

We’ve all heard that statistic that people fear public speaking more than death. In today’s episode, we tackle why that is — and get to the root of why Alex loves her job and how every single person has something worth sharing with the world.

What we talked about:

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