Annafi Wahed of The Flip Side

Annafi Wahed left a lucrative job in finance to join the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign. She was unfulfilled by her career and wanted to do something to make a difference.

Like many people, helping out with a monumental Presidential campaign seemed like a good way to do that immediately. She was blindsided on Election Day 2016 when Donald Trump won the election — and admits, she shed more than a few tears in the days that followed. Annafi says:

“Even if you can’t change the world today, if you change your world — your small sphere of influence today — that could someday change the world.”

But she soon dried her tears and start having conversations with those she didn’t agree with. She didn’t like the vitriol coming from her fellow liberals and wondered if Trump voters were really the horrible, racist people those she knew cast them as.

Her curiosity led her to places she never expected and she eventually started The Flip Side, a daily newsletter than offer both sides of the political aisle on big issues of the day. She’s still a hardcore liberal, but has lost friends who don’t like her approach to respecting conservatives. The Flip Side has exploded in growth as people from both Parties and in between hunger to find common ground and courtesy once again.

I love chatting with Annafi about her experience and what she’s learned about people over the past three years. You are guaranteed to be inspired and will definitely want to sign up for the Flip Side by the end of our conversation!

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