I first heard today’s guest, Linda Znachko, unexpectedly at an event several months ago. She had me in tears within a few minutes of telling her story. The same could be said of our interview today, where Linda joined me at my house to talk about her beautiful ministry, He Knows Your Name.

Simply put, this organization gives abandoned babies dignity in death. When a baby is abandoned outdoors or at the hospital in some kind of tragic circumstance, Linda is the one who comes to that baby’s side, taking custody of the child, giving them a name, a funeral and a headstone.

Her ministry extends beyond just babies, and she’s been given the opportunity to help women mourning stillbirths, abo rtions and even the deaths of older children. There are so many families in need who cannot afford funerals or headstones. I’d never considered the importance of a headstone until reading her book, which showcases how beautifully families have been able to find closure through this simple gesture.

The circumstances Linda encounters everyday are heartbreaking, but she has taken up this task with humility and courage. The friendships forged across many lines and the ability to share the love of Christ with people dealing with the hardest thing they may ever experience are priceless. I was truly honored to have Linda in my home to share her stories.

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