Kira Davis is an outspoken political writer, activist, actress, film writer and director, mom and podcast host. Yes, we’ve got another woman who keeps busy busy busy with her many passions, which means Kira and I get along great 🙂

Kira says:

“The real problem with race relations is the lack of grace. We can never have an honest conversation about race if each party is not willing to come to the table and say, I’m giving my right to be offended.”

You may recognize her from a couple of viral videos, her online conversation with President Barack Obama or hits on Fox News. But it’s not just her spicy takes on political issues that make Kira awesome — she’s the writer and director of a new film about Harriet Tubman, which was recently featured at the Toronto Black Film Festival.

I respect Kira’s courage in voicing opinions that aren’t always popular with those around her — and her willingness to be vulnerable and kind in all she does. It was awesome to have this conversation with her, where I felt completely comfortable bringing up whatever I wanted to. She’s inspiring and I think you’ll enjoy today’s conversation.

What we talked about:

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