When I met Jennifer Schubert-Akin, I thought she was one of the kindest, gracious women I’d ever encountered. Little did I know there was much more to her than that.

As the founder of the Steamboat Institute, a non-profit policy organization based in beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Jennifer has proven herself a determined and dedicated warrior for freedom, free speech and Constitutional principles.

Quote from Jennifer:

We believe the most important thing we can do right is attracting people from all ideologies — left, right and in between — to hear reasonable arguments where people don’t scream at each other.

I like to say, it does not take much intellectual rigor to call someone stupid. It does, however, require intellectual rigor to think through your own arguments, if you have to debate someone on the facts.

Jennifer Schubert-Akin

Not only that, she is an accomplished athlete who will completed her 25th Boston Marathon in a row this year and has run many 100-mile ultra-marathons, including the famous Leadville trail marathon multiple times.

It’s that grit and hard work that she puts into running races that took over 24 hours that gave her the tenacity it takes to found an organization, no small feat. But she didn’t just found Steamboat — it’s thriving. Now in its 11th year, the Steamboat Institute brings names like Steve Forbes, Carly Fiorina, Ben Sasse and Ryan Zinke to the mountains for its annual Freedom Conference.

Though Jennifer is conservative, she aims to foster robust debate on issues that matter from both sides of the aisle — bringing in both liberals and conservatives to debate hot issues in their “Campus Liberty” debate series. Civil dialogue is key and boy, do we need more of that these days!

I loved talking with Jennifer about how hard work in one aspect of life translates to other parts of your life. I can see that so much in her and admire all that she’s done to build this growing & inspiring organization. She is certainly a female role model to all you ladies out there!

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