Picture yourself in the 7th grade cafeteria eating Fritos, drinking Sprite and complaining about having to go to gym class after lunch. Those are some of my first memories of Lynn Downey. I never would have imagined we’d be chatting it up on a podcast (those didn’t exist) gulp 20+ years later.

But here we are! Lynn followed her dreams of becoming a Hollywood actress after majoring in theater in college — and I ended up writing and communicating. I’m so happy we could merge these two crazy professions for an online conversation reunion. Even though we haven’t seen each other in years, Lynn’s fun personality and confidence shined through.

I loved when she talked about ego, self-awareness & how hard we can be on ourselves as professionals, saying this:

“I think that the ego is literally trying to save our life, physically and emotionally. Like, if you do that bad, then you’ll die!”

She’s been a working actress in LA for 14 years and yes, you may have seem her in a thing or two. What I loved about this conversation was connecting with Lynn as a creative. It reminded me that no matter which art you choose to practice, the creative process translates. We talked about learning to accept the process it takes to even BEGIN creating the thing. And that is part of accepting yourself, your passion all that it takes to get there.

She’s also been on a roller coaster of a spiritual journey and has finally accepted she may just stay out in crazy California for life (or maybe not!) This is a great convo and you creative peeps will most definitely get something out of it.

What we talked about:

Connect with Lynn:

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