Today’s guest on on “Worth Your Time” is Erin Hawley, an inspiring momma who has just moved her crew of two young boys to Washington, DC to support her husband, Josh, the newest Senator from Missouri.

Erin is a graduate of Yale Law School, has clerked for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts and published her first book this year — “Living Beloved.” The book is a beautiful testament of her life written for parents about how we can navigate the world as sons and daughters of God. It all comes from what she’s learned about love from being a mom.

Erin’s pathway to successful career woman began humbly on a farm in New Mexico, which she tells listeners about. Her position as the wife of a Senator has only just begun but it’s obvious she’s got plenty to say and do in her own right. Let’s just say Senator Hawley is lucky to have such a strong, smart, incredible woman in his life to keep him on the right track 😉

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