Trillia Newbell has a voice that radiates joy. You’ll hear that in today’s episode, when I speak with her about her career as a writer, her love of the gospel and about important topics like racial diversity, Christians in the age of Trump and a hope greater than this world.

Trillia is the author of many books, most recently a bible study on Romans, but her book “United: Captured by God’s Vision for Diversity” is where I first read her words.

After getting the chance to meet her at the Gospel Coalition Conference last year, I was thrilled when she accepted the invitation to chat with me on “Worth Your Time.” Trillia’s wise words about staying joyful, hopeful and embracing the neighbors and friends God has put into our lives were a breath of fresh air. You can tell she knows how to preach!

At one point in our conversation, I told her I hoped we wouldn’t be dealing with the same racial divisions and issues we are today in 25 years — wondering how I could raise my children to the ones who change this. She reminded me of something that’s hard to swallow, but true:

“Until Jesus returns and all things are made new, we are going to be in that already-but-not-yet waiting season…. it can get better, but it will not end until Jesus returns.”

This is a fallen world and it’s important to remember that we will never solve all the problems here on earth. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do our best, but we must recognize that sinners will always be sinners.

This mentality always reminds me of Lauren Daigle’s “O Lord,” which I have listened on repeat many times while dealing with tough issues that seem to have no solution:

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