Intuitive eating sounds vague, mysterious even — but it’s simpler than you think. Also, did you know the way to stop feeling guilty about eating is to eat MORE of what you love?

Dietitian Lauren Rieker, who specializes in eating disorders and founded Renovate Your Plate, is a different kind of nutritionist. She says “emotional eating” can be a good thing — and gets into the meat and potatoes (no pun intended) of WHY we binge or restrict — or just feel plain bad about what we eat.

“Diet culture tell us what we shouldn’t trust our bodies, that we should put our nutrition into an app and have an app tell you what to eat, versus listening to your hunger and fullness cues…once you make peace with food and remove that judgment, then you can start talking about nutrition and how it can benefit your body.”

Lauren Reiker, Renovate Your Plate

Intuitive Eating — Not Diets

She doesn’t believe in diets and her words of wisdom on this topic are like a warm blanket on a cold day. You don’t have to start 2019 with restriction. In fact, if you do — you’re on a mission to failure.

I spoke with Lauren on Facebook Live on January 1st as well here.

90% of women are either currently dieting or diet often, and 1 in 4 of those women go on to develop an eating disorders. We don’t have to live this way. As a survivor of an eating disorder, I’ve read a lot of material about this but Lauren’s perspective is new and refreshing. Don’t miss it.

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