What’s it like to be a multi-passionate, positive and successful force of nature? Meet Katy Widrick, a business owner, Orange-Theory addict, political activist and mother of two.

I’m hooked to Katy’s Instagram stories, where she provides daily doses of wisdom on everything from parenting to exercising. And when she cares about an issue — like gun control — she is one of the most pro-active and passionate players around. She even did phone banking this year!

In todays’ conversation, we talk about our shared love of social media, mom life, Katy’s uber-successful media business and for a large chunk of time, we talk politics. Specifically, we discuss how two people who disagree politically, as Katy and I do, can still be friends and respect one another.

She is a beautiful example of civility and respect, never saying a disparaging word about “the other side,” yet advocating fiercely for what she believes in as a progressive. I loved our conversation.

What we mentioned in the episode:

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