Not every journalist gets to fly on Air Force One, reporting for a national, or in this case, global paper!
Daily Mail White House Correspondent Francesca Chambers about to board Air Force One

With multiple photos showing her heading off onto Air Force One, Francesca Chambers’ really knows what’s it’s like inside the world’s most famous plane.

Francesca is always bubbling with energy, excited to see you and ready to fill you in on the many exciting things she’s doing as a member of the White House Press Corps.

Her professional ambition is infectious, as his her obvious love of life, her husband, family and her job. She’s exactly the kind of woman I want to bring to you each week on “Worth Your Time.”

For four years, Francesca has been in the briefing room with President Barack Obama and traveling the world on Air Force One – with President Donald Trump — for the Daily Mail.

She got the job at the ripe old age of 26 and has cut her teeth among veteran reporters at places like CNN, NBC News, ABC News and more. Francesca is a cheerfully determined, hard-working and charmingly extroverted millennial from Kansas.

Air Force One is a a place many journalists aspire to be someday -- and Francesca Chambers has a achieved that goal in her 20s!

How did she end up zipping around the country on Hillary’s Clinton’s campaign plane, visiting the Great Wall of China with Melania Trump and trailing President Trump as he toured the Forbidden City with the President of China? You’ll hear every word of it in today’s podcast episode.

I’ve been lucky to know her for many years, back when she started her career at Red Alert Politics, owned by the Washington Examiner. It’s a joy to see her every time I do and I think you’ll become well aware of how contagious her fun personality is in today’s episode.

Here’s the story and photo with the late Sen. John McCain:

What we discussed:

Connect with Francesca:

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