Anastasia Boden, Attorney

Anastasia Boden sues the government for a living . What does that mean? She’s a 31-year-old attorney for the Pacific Legal Foundation, based in California, and this Mom of two is fierce.

Anastasia has argued some very tough cases and her dedication to liberty inspirational. Ever wanted to know to know what a libertarian really is?

Jump into this conversation where we talk politics, freedom, empowering women and a few other things — like post-partum anxiety, stoicism (you will want to hear this!) and being a mom with a high pressure, high power job.

We also talk a bit about a spicy tweet she sent a few months back:

No one should hire a woman bc she’s a woman.
No one should believe a woman bc she’s a woman.
No one should refuse to hire a woman bc she’s a woman.
No one should disbelieve a woman bc she’s a woman.
Hire women when they are qualified. Believe women when they are credible.— A lady (@Anastasia_esq) October 1, 2018

Here’s what she had to say in that portion of the conversation:

Did you know the government can keep new businesses from opening if they don’t get approval from other, rival businesses in some cases? Or that bars aren’t free to advertise happy hour as they’d like in certain places? Or that you can be fined for wearing certain types of clothing on Election Day?

See a bit about one her cases here:

Let’s play a little game: is this crazy, antiquated, and paternalistic alcohol law real? (Hint: probably) #FreeTheDrinks @PacificLegal @RSI @drinksreform @cjdieterle
Full video here:— A lady (@Anastasia_esq) April 3, 2018

Enjoy this enlightening and fun conversation with Anastasia — and stay till the end when she doles out some incredible wisdom she wants to pass on to her kids.

Also, loved these shirts!

What we talked about:

Connect with Anastasia:

*Today’s episode is sponsored by the Independent Women’s Forum, an educational 501(c)(3) dedicated to developing and advancing policies that aren’t just well-intended, but actually enhance people’s freedom, choices, and opportunities. IWF works every day to engage and inform women and create a community to discuss how policy issues – including paid leave, health care, taxes, energy, minimum wage, and education – impact them and their families.

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