I’ve joined the world of podcasting! Before you say it — yes, I know — everyone has a podcast these days. The ideas has certainly ramped up in popularity in the last couple of years. But I can’t get it out of my head — and this is a true passion project. They say when you can’t stop thinking about something, you should just do It reminds me of when I started blogging years ago. I just felt compelled and interested and excited and motivated to do it. My little blog brought me a lot of new friends and lots of learning experiences. I’m hoping this podcast can do some similar things.

But mostly, I want to introduce others to some of the phenomenal women I know (and hope to know!) Everyday I think of another woman who is conquering the world in her own way — building a business, living a dream, saving a child, breaking a record, writing a book or completing some other incredible goal.

There are so many great stories coming your way. I keep opening up my phone notes to add another name that comes to mind every single day. I’m thankful to know so many who are willing and ready to share their stories with you. Bring on the inspiration!

In just the first few episodes, you’ll hear from a very successful podcaster (she makes her living from it!), a birth mom who put her son up for adoption and is now starting a movement, a single mom who is a rockstar entrepreneur, a dynamite Capitol Hill reporter, and a social good jewelry business owner.  Ya’ll, these conversations have been so good for my soul and I cannot wait to share them with you.

Just a note: This going to run the gamut. As it goes, I do know a lot of great people who work in political spaces and many them are more conservative, but I’m planning on balancing that out with folks who have more progressive views. While politics will not be the main focus of the podcast by any means, I want to make sure people know that just because one episode we talk about it more — that doesn’t mean every episode will be that way.  I really hope folks will be open-minded and stick around to listen even if something they don’t align with happens to be on one day. And it might take me a bit to get it *totally* balanced, but I’m certainly going to try (please send ideas if you got ’em!)

Lastly, this is a learning process. There will likely be some audio and editing work that will need improved as time goes on. Becoming a good host is also a learning curve. I hope you’ll stick with me through the trials of starting something new and have grace for this very new podcaster. I can’t wait to get your feedback!

Stay tuned for my launch on Tuesday, November 27th and be sure to rate and review the podcast if you are reading this. I appreciate it so much. If you decided you aren’t a fan, no need to leave a review 😉

**If you have a guest recommendation, please email me at ericka.andersen@gmail or tweet me @ErickaAndersen. 

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