Britney Cooper and her daughters, Story and Dylan.

Britney Cooper is my hair stylist, but I’m glad to say she’s also my friend. As I was sitting her chair one day, I felt compelled to let her know what a bada** chick I thought she was. She’s an entrepreneur with two adorable little girls that she is raising as a single mom and absolutely killing it in life and business.

“You can either claw your way out of this uncomfortable place…or you can literally sit down in it and get yourself comfortable in the cold and dirt and darkness — and learn every single thing you can while you are in the pit and know that when you get the opportunity to walk out, that you are walking out of it with gold in your hands.”

After I told her how inspiring I thought she was, she went ahead and spit out some mad wisdom about how she stays positive and keeps going, even in the face of loss, grief and hardship. I knew, in that second, I needed to get her on the podcast.

In this episode, we talk about Britney’s life and some of the hard things she’s gone through — like divorce and losing her sister to a tragic car accident two years ago. I could have spoken with her for hours — and think we’ll definitely need a Britney Part 2 at some point. You will walk about inspired and rejuvenated — it’s most definitely worth your time.

What we talked about this episode:

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