Birth mom Kelly Clemente talks about her experience with adoption.

Kelly Clemente is one of the sweetest, most genuine people I’ve ever met — and her story is incredible. You don’t often hear from birth moms, the women who put their babies up for adoption after an unexpected pregnancy. Today, you’ll hear from one. Kelly became pregnant at 18 and knew she wasn’t ready to be a mother or provide her son with what he needed.

In the podcast episode, we talk about the tough decisions Kelly had to make, pressure she faced while pregnant, and the beautiful story she has of giving birth to her son, Alex and maintaining a thriving relationship with he and his adoptive family. Kelly talks about what it was like to choose a mother for her son, and you hear how that choice came full circle for her 10 years later.

We also talk about Kelly’s latest venture, Chaste After, a ministry she’s creating to promote abstinence and more. Kelly’s rock solid faith is very apparent in our interview and her compassion for women in facing unexpected pregnancy is palpable. I was moved and inspired by her story — and I know you will be too.

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