Hello friends! We are technically ONE MONTH AWAY from the release of my first book, “Leaving Cloud 9.” And now, the book even has it’s own website — check it out here!

June 26th is the big day but I have some BIG goals for pre-orders of the book. If each of my social media followers and readers pre-ordered, we would blow that goal out of the water. 

Do you have a book club or know of one? I’d LOVE for book clubs to choose “Leaving Cloud 9” for their July reads. It’s chock full of a million issues to breakdown and discuss — from religion to drug addiction to mental illness to the American dream. Plenty of discussion fodder for book lovers to dig into.

***There are a few perks for those pre-order (if you do anything for me, do this!), including:

  • Exclusive Q&A with Rick and Ericka
  • “Leaving Cloud 9” discussion guide (potentially for book clubs)
  • Curated Spotify playlist soundtrack to the book (this was fun to put together and has a wide range of music!)

I’m so excited to share this story with you — and that enthusiasm grows the more I think about the many people who will benefit from reading it.

As I prepare for promotion of the book, including an upcoming speech at The Heritage Foundation (Monday, June 18th at 12pm if you are in DC!), I am realizing more and more just how relevant the story is to what thousands of people are going through today.

Whether it’s those suffering from the trauma of an abusive childhood, individuals dealing with depression or families being torn apart in the midst of the opioid crisis — nearly everyone will relate or know someone affected by the broad range of issues we covered in “Leaving Cloud 9.”

I have only ever pre-ordered TWO books my entire life (this one and this one) — and I’m a huge book nerd — and those were this year because I finally realized how important the pre-orders are for authors. Now, I’m all about the pre-order for my favs!

It would be my greatest honor and privilege if you pre-ordered this book for yourself or a loved one. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible with this message of hope. 

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