Hi friends! So THERE she is. My book cover! (In case you missed it, I have a book coming out in June!) How did we end up here? Let me tell you, having a publishing team is fantabulous because I am certainly no artist. The wonderful people over at Harper Collins designed several book covers for me to choose from.

They asked my my vision first — and I sent some ideas in words and pictures — and they came back with a few options. I really liked all of them! After taking a poll among friends and family, though, this is the cover that resonated most with folks.

AND — I haven’t told you this yet — you can already order the book on Amazon. I mean, I keep looking at the page, hardly believing that’s MY book sitting there! It’s pretty surreal.

In the book world, PRE-ORDERS  are a big deal! We want to get as many pre-orders of the book as possible before June. Yeah, it’s 4 months away so you have time but feel free to do it now so you don’t forget 😉 Don’t worry, I’ll remind you, ha ha.

Yikes, that hardcover price is up there but it’s certainly the coolest version to get. Not sure if the price will fluctuate closer to but I will definitely let you know if it goes down.

I was really excited to share the cover with you, as I think it does illuminate the book content well. Notice the small boy in the front of the trailer there. As I’m reading over the last draft of the book I will have in my hands before publishing, I am more and more proud of my husband for everything he has overcome and his willingness to share this story so bravely.

I will write more about that in a future post but please know, this book only exists because God wanted it to exist. There was no earthly way I could have made this happen — and I know there are people that will find comfort and hope in these pages.


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