Hey ho — I never wrote a 38 weeks pregnant update with Jacob because we never got there! Now here I sit at exactly 38 weeks and I wanted to document a bit.

I’ve been counting down the days to when Jacob was born in my pregnancy that it’s weird to be past it knowing he was already out and about at this point! Abby is still safely tucked away though — and even though my pregnancy has been pretty easy, I’m starting to see why people are so ready to be done at the end.

Weeks: 38 weeks on the dot
Weight gain: About 32 pounds (haven’t gained anything in two weeks, weird)
Baby weight: Around 7 pounds

End of pregnancy physical feelings:

  • Outer nerve pain on both sides of my legs when she shifts in certain ways
  • Constant trips to the bathroom to pee
  • Easily out of breath doing almost anything
  • Discomfort sleeping though could be worse
  • Was having heartburn but has subsided since she dropped
  • Daily waves of nausea
  • First trimester food aversion feelings (chicken, yuck!)
  • Lots of big movements from Abby girl, digging into my ribs, lots of hiccups
  • Appetite is hit or miss but basically eating whatever I want (too much sugar!)

Good view of how big the bump actually is?

Exercise update: Last Friday, my doctor said my fluid was kind of low and it was time to take it easy. She said nix the exercise and try to rest as much as possible. I was kind of happy at first but now that it’s been a week, I feel antsy. I wish I could still go to the gym to be honest but..following doctors orders of course.

Doctor says: At today’s appointment, my fluid was hovering on the line of where it needs to be so I come back in Monday for another ultrasound check. It’s possible they could have to induce me Monday but maybe not. If fluid stays the same…I’ll go back Wednesday for another check. Of course, I could go into labor on my own too! All in all, it doesn’t seem like I will make it to 40 weeks. That’s fine with me but it’s so weird waiting since it was such a sudden surprise the first time around.

Feelings: Jacob has had an ear infection so he has been very clingy this week. He keeps wanting me to carry him around and it got me worried that he will maybe want that even more when the baby comes due to jealousy or something. Who knows? I am more worried about him than anything..just how he will take the new addition and if he will feel left out somehow. With Abby’s carseat installed in the back seat now, I think it’s becoming more real to him but just keep anticipating how he will react.

We read the “Daniel Tiger” book about being a big brother and I ask him if he’s going to be a big helper like Daniel and help mommy feed the baby and change her diaper. He says yes 😉

As for me, I am incredibly anxious about sleepless nights and breastfeeding. There is just no way around it, I’m having trouble relaxing and accepting it. It’s going to be hard and I wish I could just stop thinking about it but…it’s always on my mind. I can’t wait to meet her but know my emotions and body chemistry is going to be all out of whack. When you are feeling crazy and don’t know how to control it, that makes me anxious. I know it will all be fine but…still worried.

I’m trying to savor these last few days of pregnancy, recognizing what an incredible miracle it is and that there are women who long for this experience that will never get to have it. I know I am blessed and it is a sweet, sweet time.

I am looking forward to delivery day like the something I’ve been waiting for my whole life — just cannot wait to get my eyes on this little lady!

Here’s your last look at Abby before seeing her in real life (taken this morning):

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