I didn’t do many pregnancy updates with Jacob but apparently I’m doing even less with baby #2. But wanted to document a bit so here’s what’s going on!

Due date: March 9
How far along: 32 weeks (will be 33 on Friday)
Name: Abigail “Abby”
Baby weight: 4 pounds 7 oz (37 percentile)
My weight gain: 28 pounds

Ultrasound from TODAY: 

Baby moves: Baby girl moves a lot more than Jacob ever did, or at least I feel like she does! She seems to always be switching positions and feels very low and most definitely always pressing on my bladder. It’s such a surreal thing to feel a human being moving inside your body, but it never bothers me and I love it!

How I’m feeling: I continue to have an uneventful pregnancy, feeling almost normal most of the time. I do feel like I have to breathe a little heavier a lot of the time, even just sitting down, but it doesn’t feel like it affects me that much when I’m doing actual activity. I was slightly anemic for my glucose test so have been taking an iron supplement in addition to my daily prenatal vitamin. I usually sleep okay but wake up at least 2-3x a night to pee and change positions. Side to side! I want to lay on my back but don’t let myself stay in that position as they say blood flow is better for baby on the side. Sometimes I get random insomnia, like last night, which is really frustrating!

Food stuff: After the first trimester, I really never felt nauseous again, hooray! I also don’t really get any cravings…but do feel extra hungry during the day. When I workout in the morning, I just always feel like I’m never full the rest of the day so there is constant snacking. I’ve forced myself to bring vegetables back into my diet and try to stock up on protein. I take some protein powder everyday but also greek yogurt, protein bars, grilled chicken, etc. Still a lot of overeating of sweets at night…I feel like I just don’t have a “stop” button sometimes…and end up feeling upset with myself frequently (even though Im probably not eating that much). Trying to just let it go for now and not worry about it.

Workout: I’m working out probably 4-5 days a week, usually at my gym doing CrossFit or Beats classes. I actually did sign back up for Orange Theory but only did one class and remembered why I stopped going! I’m just gonna have to skip the inclines on the treadmill if I go back before baby. It’s just nice because they have SO many class times and it’s flexible for my schedule. I tend to pick lighter weights for workouts just because but continue to jump rope, row, do some jogging and simply modify for things like burpees, push-ups or box jumps. Keeping up my arm workouts like three times a week even though sometimes, I think, what really IS the point? After I take 6 weeks off, I will feel like I’m starting from scratch anyway, but I’m sure all this will make it easier to jump back in.

Baby stuff: Abby’s room is almost totally ready, aside from needing a crib mattress. We have a cute owl theme, complete with an owl lamp, stickers, stuffed animal, blankets and more. I have a new rocking chair and the room is just so cute. We’ve got a ton of newborn clothes — like possibly more than we need at all but oh well, at least we are ready. Hope she’s not a big baby that can’t wear it or something! Just got our first stock of newborn diapers, thanks to a friend who had too many when her baby grew out of them! I’ve started stocking up on baby girl headbands like a good girl mama too! We have a swing, rock n’ play, Halo bassinet (all bought used) and still need to grab a few things for the room like a humidifier, Nose Frida, sound machine, swaddle sack….I’m sure I’m missing something! Oh yeah, calling my insurance company to get a breast pump!

Nervous about: I’m excited for Jacob to meet her but also a little nervous. Our world is SO focused on him…he likes for both of us to come with him and be in his room and read him books. I wonder how he will take all the attention not being solely on him. I’m nervous about sleep…when I will go to bed, how I will handle wake ups and if I will be able to go back to sleep after middle of the night feedings. Speaking of which…breastfeeding. Will it work? Will I have to pump? Will I hate it like last time? I would like to be someone who can wake up with baby, breastfeed quickly in the bed, put baby down and go back to sleep. But…last time it was always so painful, difficult, took forever, then the pumping, etc….they say every baby is different though so…Also nervous about how having a new baby will affect our family as a whole. Will Rick and I be able to teamwork effectively from the start? I hope say. I just keep hearing, it’s man on man now so this are different!

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