Is it an Indiana thing or does everybody like going to the state fair? As a kid, I loved the local fair but only occasionally got to go to the state fair, because it was an hour away. Now, it’s one of my favorite summer traditions!

I like in Indianapolis now so it’s a lot closer, luckily. There’s just something about ALL that bad food, good cheer, the bright rides and the people who put their heart and soles into 4-H, their animals and crafts. Plus, there’s nearly always a great concert on the free stage! I went to see Mongtomery Gentry, one of my favorites last week, and it was awesome!

Because it’s not too far I usually end up going a few times, as various family members make their way up from down south or just go on different days.

I’m a huge fan of picking out which junk food I’ll indulge in, usually two things every trip. This year, I chose buttery corn on the cob, a corn dog, a pork sandwich, ice cream cone and fried Oreos! This was two seperate trips, mind you!

I never feel really pulled toward the “fried everything” trend but when Rick ordered fried Oreos, obviously I had to get them. They were actually good…doused in powdered sugar and chocolate syrup — very hot!

Rick really does it up at places like this and he ate a bunch of junk food too, played silly games and best of all, Jacob got to ride rides this year! Last year he was still a baby but he was actually big enough to ride one even by himself, which I thought was insane!

To me, that was the most fun part because he’s never ridden rides before and he was just in awe of all the sights and sounds. It’s also exhausting to bring a toddler to a fair, but it was totally worth it, especially when he got tired and FINALLY chilled out in his stroller!

Luckily, I got to meet my mom, sister and cousin there one day, the latter two of which were in from out of town. I just enjoy cheesy events like this and am glad plenty of other people do to. Yearly traditions are part of what makes summer special, in my opinion!

I’m pretty sure Jacob had a great time too!

Anyone else love the state fair? What is your favorite fair food?

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