Guessing if you are seeing this, you may already have seen some of these on Facebook or Instagram but in case you missed ’em, I had to share!

We never did family photos when I was a kid. It was just that good old church directory photo that was taken every few years or so. As you can imagine, not exactly great lighting or results!

Since I’m a lot older than my parents where when I had a child, I have a little more spending money than they do and I think good photos are one of the most special things you can capture.

Plus, when you have friends who are in the biz, even better! I knew we’d need this to be a short session cause nothing is fun for much longer than that with a toddler! Jenny did an amazing job with Jacob’s short attention span and this lighting was so perfect.

I had no idea where to do the photos and she suggested this park in Carmel and I was like, I’m all in! As with so many things, I’m not picky because I’m clueless. I leave it to the experts!

Here are a selection but I can’t even say “favorites” because they were all so good! If you want to see the WHOLE crazy gallery, go here!

Thanks so much to Jenny for her beautiful photos. I highly recommend her if you are in the Indianapolis area!

Most of all, I’m thankful for my wonderful, little family. Dreams do come true 🙂

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