It’s been awhile since I’ve checked in with a Stitch Fix (my referral link) review so I figured I would do it today! I feel like I’m constantly raving to people about it — truly a genius platform for someone exactly like me.  Here are a few of my past reviews:

I even upped my Fixes because I have started to become a little more picky. The thing about SF is, it has actually helped me hone my personal style and have more opinions about works and doesn’t for me. I may annoy my stylist but that’s okay, ha. I also lost weight and had to adjust some of the sizing on shorts/dresses, etc.

In this report, I’m featuring a couple of items from the last fix as well — but please note all Fixes have 5 pieces in each box.

1. In the photo below, I received the shirt, skinny jeans and shoes in two of my last boxes. These are all WINNERS. When I asked for a basic pair of skinny jeans, they sent these and they are absolutely perfect. I wear them all the time and the fit is insanely good — and comfy. I’m also in love with the shirt, which I have worn over and over all summer long. So colorful and pretty! The shoes I would never have bought on my own in a store but when they came in my box, I had an open mind — and kept them. They’ve also been on repeat for wear this year.

2. In the photo below, I’m got the shorts and the shoes in my latest fix. This was my THIRD try with shorts because the previous ones were just a tad too big and I hate to keep anything that isn’t perfect. But it’s also hard to go from like a size 6 to a size 4 because 4s are generally to small. These were perfect though if I gan back any weight, it might be tough. However, I loved the pale pink color — and the shoes were the same. Shoes have been a big thing for me with SF. I never used to spend money on shoes, which is why I never had the right outfit vibe going on before. These were more than I would have liked ($79) but having a good selection of flats is extremely handy. Heels are not my thing! The shirt in this pic is from TJ Maxx.

3.  In the pic below, I kept this sweater (it is open in the front.) Don’t you jut LOVE that lace peeking out like that? I think it’s so cute and wear it any chance I get, though of course, it’s summer now so it will get more use later in the year. It’s one of my favorite items I’ve ever gotten in a Fix!

4. The pic below features a white jean jacket, which I did NOT keep. I did like it for the most part but couldn’t see myself wearing it very often. It was pretty pricey and also…white? Not a good color in general for the mother of a toddler! I considered keeping but in the end, decided to send it back.

5. SF has sent me lots of pretty summer blouses (featured below), all of which I really want to keep! This one, however, was a little more airy and big in the middle than I prefer. I thought maybe I was being too picky but…since I’ve been getting a Fix a month in the past few months, I’m trying to be REALLY selective and not spend too much. I decided to send this one back.

6.  The dress featured below is totally ON my style and I loved it but I knew immediately it would be way too big. I’m not sure if you can tell in the picture but, it was. In general, I always have to get size small in dresses, rather than medium. It’s just always how they fit me. I consider myself a medium-sized person in general so…for this one, I decided to exchange the dress for a size small. When you fill out your results online after you get your Fix, one option is to exchange for another size for no extra charge. You just send it back in your bag with things you are returning and they send you the proper size once it’s returned.

Feeling Better About Myself

Since joining SF, I’ve become much more conscious of my clothing and style. Working from home, I can be lazy, wearing workout clothes much of the time. But I find I just don’t like to do that every single day. I like to have a cute outfit to wear to work at the coffee shop, or to bible study or just to run errands. It’s nice to have a reason to get dressed up — and actually have things I like.

Enough Target Tees

I was so used to just wearing plain old sold colored Target t-shirts and black flip flops. But I feel better about myself when I’m wearing clothes with a little style. In addition to SF, I also invested in a pretty pricey pair of jean shorts (BCBG on sale at Nordstrom for $60). I would NEVER consider buying BCBG or spending that much on SHORTS in the past but..I realized how much I would wear and appreciate them if I invested. And I have.

Why Stitch Fix Works For Most Incomes

Not to focus too much on the money but one reason SF is so great is that you can get as frequently or rarely as you like — and set your preferences to lower priced items. It’s SO personalized and as time goes on, your stylist gets to know you better so the items adapt more and more to your style.

Try it Here

If you are thinking of giving SF a try and use my referral link here, I get $25 off my next order (if you get a Fix and keep anything that is). Once you are signed up, you get your own referral link to give to friends and do the same, which is kind of cool.

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