Before having a child, I pictured fun times gathering with other moms and most certainly, doing some stroller running! It was part of the “dream” I had for myself as a mom with young kids — and I’m thankful to say that part of my dream has come true. It’s simple but something I really enjoy.

Every Wednesday, a big group of Moms & babies gather at the Athletic Annex in downtown Indianapolis for a 30-minute stroller run (or walk) and then an hour of snacks and socializing. We’re right on a very long running trail that runs through the city so it’s the perfect location. These days, we’ve got moms joining us with babies as young as one month old!

I knew this was the perfect group to share my protein secrets and Premier Protein bars and shakes with this week. Let’s talk about why getting enough protein is so important for Moms!

Getting enough protein is important for EVERYONE but Moms are often a bit more hectic and spread thin than the average person — especially if you have little tiny kiddos like most of us at our weekly runs.

There’s the old cliche about “losing the baby weight” and many people truly do struggle with that for years after giving birth. Part of that is hey, losing weight is HARD! But part of it is also because moms aren’t taking the right steps to eat correctly in the midst of crazy schedules and sleepless nights.

One of the first steps, perhaps the foundational step, she can take is just simply to start getting more protein in her diet. It will:

  • Add satiety
  • Positively impact exercise goals
  • Provide a quick, low-fat snack in a pinch
  • Help you reach your body’s protein needs
  • Keep you from reaching for empty calories that leave you still hungry

And that’s just a start. It can be difficult to “give up” those calories for a protein shake for some — but recognizing that doing so will keep you fuller, help your body get back on track and enhance your physical performance overall can lend some perspective.

And friends, it’s all about HABITS. Making protein a daily habit in your life will take the guess work out and be a no-brainer. I make half a Premier Protein shake every day before my workout and another half after my workout. Usually I eat a half or a whole protein bar later in the day as well. It’s ALWAYS in my purse just in case.

As you know, I recently lost 5 pounds just from switching my habits up with protein — and it feels so good to have a go-to option. It can even be good at night when you want to snack after dinner. If you haven’t had enough protein that day (re: you probably haven’t!), you can mix up a shake for 100 calories and voila!– no need to down that ice cream (which by the way, who actually eats the 1/2 cup serving listed on that? No one I know!)

So if you are a Mom of littles (or bigs) — or just looking for an easy way to stay full or get back on track, I sincerely recommend getting some protein in your life.

I didn’t start getting serious about it until I started working with Premier Protein, but doing so made a much bigger difference than I ever expected. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends that the average woman should get at least 48-50 grams of protein each day. Check your nutrition labels and keep a tally on My Fitness Pal to see that you are meeting your needs.

Let me know if you have any questions about protein or Premier!

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