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So when I went to make a baby registry for my baby shower, it was just like when I went to make a wedding registry: I had no idea what to ask for. I literally just went to other people’s (re: strangers) Amazon lists and copied them verbatim.

You could buy every item on every list and still miss something — but have too much of something, or overspend on what you may not even need. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said, “next time I do this, I’m going to get x,y,z.”

So for the people that see this post, hopefully, you can avoid some of my mistakes! I’m working with the Baby Cubby, an adorably cute site full of awesome products to create this list and can’t wait to use them if I’m lucky enough to need another round of baby stuff sometime in the future.

1. Stroller & Car Seat Bundle in One.
Luckily, the guy at the store clued us in when we went in blind to shop for a stroller and car seat when I was six months pregnant. You need to buy a car seat that fits into your stroller — so it can go from the car to the stroller seamlessly. Many times, your babe will be asleep in the car and you will just want to transfer him, in car seat, to the stroller using an adapter. The great thing about this one from the Baby Cubby, is that ‘s also a jogging stroller so you are getting a great deal.

P.S.: Even if you don’t plan to jog with your baby, jogging strollers are generally easier to steer, smoother on all terrains and overall just better quality, so it’s kinda worth the splurge!

2. Warm, Thick Blankets
I had no idea how many blankets you want to have lying around with a baby. You want them in every room in the house to lay your baby on, change their diaper, keep them warm. We only had a couple but you have to wash them all the time so you want to have a ton! We played with our baby on the floor a lot — think tummy time, singing to them, reading to them — they could spend a lot of time there. Also, depending on if your baby is born in the winter, you may want extras for the car and strolls outdoors. I love love love the look of these Sarnoni blankets — they make me want to dive into them myself!

3. A Real High Chair
This may sound like a no-brainer but we never got one. I bought this “strap-to-the-chair” contraption with a clip-on plate area (like a desk) but it’s not a big enough space. Plus it’s hard to strap on when your kiddo isn’t feeling it. A real high chair is easier to get them in and gives you plenty of space for a variety of food and messes to be made. Whenever I go to my mom’s or my sister’s house, I love using the high chairs and am still scratching my head why we never got one. Part of me is like…well, he’ll be sitting in a normal booster chair soon so just wait it out. Were I you, I’d get this one!

4. Diaper Pail (for upstairs!)
If you live in a two or more story house, you will want one of these. It’s so nice to just be able to stuff your dirty diapers into something that keeps the room smelling fresh. Without it you may have to smell that dirty diaper while you are calming baby down or you could forget to take it downstairs to toss if it’s the middle of the night — and then accidentally step in in the morning, having already made your upstairs hallway smell like poop! Trust me, it’s a lifesaver.

5. Baby Wrap
The baby-wearing market is huge and when you are a first-time mom, it can be overwhelming. The first one I bought was not suitable for newborns. You need something like this wrap for those little tiny bodies to keep them close and snug. You will also probably have to watch a how-to video on how to get the babies in there safely and correctly but..I firmly believe baby-wearing, especially newborn-wearing, is special and important. You’ll need to get another carrier a they get older, though, as the wraps only hold them for a certain amount of time!


6. Bath Toys
You won’t need these at first, of course, but bath toys when your baby is older can be a saving grace. It may be obvious, but I didn’t even think about it. Sometimes, you can get your kid to hang out in the bath tub playing for quite a long time, which gives you time to breathe. Yes, you have to sit in there with them but they are in one place under your watchful eye and you can sit down and relax! Definitely invest in some fun bath toys to make this part of your life!

7. Nose Frida!
Go ahead and buy one of these before your baby is even born because you WILL need it. It’s so hard when your baby has a cold or a stuffy nose…you feel helpless because obviously they can’t blow their noses. The Nose Frida is gross but essential. You can stick the tube in their nose and suck the snot and gunk out of their noses with your mouth. Don’t worry, it includes a stopper before the grossness actually gets IN your mouth (except for that one time I lost the stopper and it did get in my husband’s mouth..) Whoever created this was a genius.

8. Footie Pajamas
I’m not sure why I didn’t buy any of these until Jacob was close to one-year-old, but I didn’t and that was dumb. Even in the summer, you want to make sure your baby is warm and can’t kick off socks, etc. I love footie pajamas for all ages, but especially young babies since they are not allowed to have blankets or anything in the crib for safety reasons. I’d stock up on like a dozen of these because you have to wash them a lot and they are just SO nice to have on hand. Honestly, even my 5-year-old niece still wears footie pajamas. The kids love ’em!

So there you have it — my list! I had never heard of the Baby Cubby until they reached out to me but I really like their site and encourage to go a-browsin’! They have a sale page and all the things you need to get started in your journey as a Momma.

I know it’s hard to get through the clutter of ALL the things you need for baby but hopefully this helps a little. Those little people sure require lot 🙂 But they are totally worth it ALL!

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