Hi everyone! I just wanted to check in and say hello 🙂 Life has been busy but good. In great news, my back is doing SO MUCH better. In fact, I’m not in any pain and though my leg is weak and feels irritable often, it seems to be improving. I had some numbness but even that is subsiding.

I’ve seen two spine doctors and it doesn’t look like surgery will be on the table — thank goodness 🙂

I took a few weeks off from the gym, but am back now doing modified workouts and not doing any of the CrossFit classes. We have a class called “Beats” that’s kind of like Orange Theory — lots of rounds, high intensity but little or no dumbbells and definitely no barbells. I’m still only doing that once or twice a week but I’m SO glad I can still go to the gym.

And guess what? Pull ups improving! I can now do 4 strict pull ups in a row — I’m FLOORED. Once I get five, I’m gonna tape it and then have a whole post in mind about how I got there.

Podcast Lovin’

As always, I’ve updated my podcast list! Here’s what I’m currently subscribed to:

  • Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin
  • The Moment with Brian Koppelman
  • I’ll Have Another With Lindsey Hein
  • Church Politics 
  • Signposts with Russell Moore
  • How I Built This
  • Boss Files with Poppy Harlowe
  • Digiday Podcast
  • The Tim Ferriss Show
  • The Popcast with Knox & Jamie
  • Girls Gone WOD
  • That Sounds Fun with Annie Downs
  • So Money with Farnoosh Torabi
  • Off Camera with Sam Jones

You know me — always looking for new ones to try. I searched the featured and top charts lists but it’s overwhelming. I’ll try anything once so bring ’em on!

New Daycare Update

In other news, we are extremely happy with Jacob’s new daycare. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this yet but, remember when I had ALL that anxiety about switching? Turns out, my mother’s intuition was right. We are much happier here and it turns out, the old daycare actually closed down last week. Woah!


Summer is in full swing with BBQs, swimming, long walks and trips to the pool already! Here’s Jacob at our neighborhood block party and all the ladies:

We also celebrated Mother’s Day last weekend, which was awesome. I got some fun crafts from the kiddo and a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Rick. We also got a chance to go out to dinner and a movie for our anniversary! Guess we weren’t considering the two would fall almost on exactly the same day each year when we got married!

I also got to spend Mother’s Day with my Mom and my Grandma, which is awesome! Another reminder of why we moved to Indiana and can see family so often. Here’s me, my Dad, Jacob, my niece Letty and Grandma:

I really wanted to do a big, long update since Jacob hit the 18-month mark but haven’t had time yet so I’m scratching this out quickly so I can get back to work.

All being said, things are good. My book is still working working — and the whole agent things is slow moving — but at least it’s IN motion, right?

I’ll end it here but will be back soon with a REAL Jacob update!

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