So you go from posting every month to twice a year after they hit the big numero uno apparently! SO many changes happening from even week to week that first month, but not quite so many in year 2. However, it’s been 6 months since a real Jacob update so I figured I’d pop in and say hello! Plus — excuses to post some cute photos, right?

Age: 18 months
Weight: 28 pounds (I think…)
Height: Can’t remember but above the 99th percentile!

Food: He will eat almost anything if he’s hungry but his favorite thing to do is throw all of his food on the floor when he doesn’t want it or is angry. He finds this absolutely hilarious, so…yeah, our floor is always a disaster but so is everyone else’s with a 1-year-old. I wish we’d gotten a real high chair (we currently have a booster seat thing with a tray) but at this point, I’m just gonna ride it out with this thing. Favorite foods include: strawberries, mandarin oranges, hummus, cheese, yogurt and chips. He drinks milk like he’s an alcoholic with a liver problem so let’s just say we’ve got some dairy attachment issues 🙂 Also, he sometimes gets chips stuck in his throat, and starts gagging which regularly throws Rick and I into panic mode. But he gets it swallowed, then laughs curiously at our hysteria 🙂

Sleep: Kid is STILL fantastic sleeper. He goes to bed at 7:30pm with his soft, bunny rabbit — usually lays awake singing and talking to himself for like 20 minutes before falling asleep. He will often cry out in the night but is not really awake — and gets up in the morning about 7:30am or so. Perfect 12 hours! He naps for about 2 hours mid-day — and if we’re really lucky on the weekend sometimes he will nap for over 3 hours! He still doesn’t have a pillow or blankets in the crib — are we supposed to get those now? I’m not sure!

On the move: People are always really surprised at how well he moves (walking since his first birthday). He’s big on climbing — everything (I’m told this is a boy thing?) At the park, he climbs up things he probably shouldn’t (which adult supervision of course!) and seems to be fairly brave when it comes to slides and rides. He loves to be chased around the house and absolutely loves swinging as well! We are all signed up for SWIMMING LESSONS starting next week, which I’m super excited about 🙂 He is always a little scared of the water at first but eases in pretty quickly. I’m sure he’ll be a natural.

Talking: Just in the past couple of weeks, his words have really improved. His favorite thing to say is “mommymommmymommymommy” though sometimes I’m not sure if he’s actually directing it at me. He also says “Dada” a lot and will repeat his name, though it doesn’t exactly sound like “Jacob” when he says it. We’re getting there! Other words include: “pee pee,” “grandma,” “NO!”, “yes”,”ball” “thank you” and “book.” (Watch the Instagram video below or linked here for a preview!)  I can tell the words are going to be frequent very quickly now and it’s OH SO adorable when he says them!

Loves: He love love loves doggies — it’s ALL about the doggies. If he sees or hears one, he breaks out that pointer finger and goes directly in search of the source. He mimics barking and loves when they run up and kiss his face. He likes other animals too and seemed pretty fascinated when we went to the zoo this weekend! Heck, I’m fascinated when I see giraffes and lions up close! It was way more fun than when we went to the zoo last year. He also loves plopping down to read a book (attention span seems a tad longer now), watching cartoons (not too much!), eating any kind of food that I’m already eating :), stacking blocks and playing with light up cars. Also, playing in the exercise room on the weight bench and treadmill where he’s generally not supposed to be…and being OUTSIDE, always!

Dislikes: Doesn’t love going to bed but only gives us a hard time half the time, being put in his car seat, long car rides (if he’s not napping), not being attached to my leg when I’m trying to cook dinner (makes cooking dinner pretty difficult), being made to eat food at his chair (he’d prefer to carry his items around the entire house dropping crumbs in every crevice!

Momma’s summary: I know I’ve said it before but Jacob is pure joy to me. He is oh so smiley most of the time, always randomly breaking out into a huge grin — like the kind of grin you only dream of! He finds so many things about life hilarious and fun and just wants to explore everything around him. My favorite thing is still our family group hugs (whenever I hug Rick, he runs over to get in on the action!). He’s a big goofball but also a sensitive soul already…it’s so interesting to predict or think about how his current personality traits will develop when he’s older. I sure hope this beautiful joy in his heart remains true for all time. I pray each day that he will be a strong, kind, compassionate, man of God someday. I know that sounds very far into the future but a mother’s prayer is never too early. I miss him when he’s not with me and still have a hard time with daycare drop off, but I am thankful every single day for everything he is.


Oh my heart!! He just started saying all that is this week!

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