*This post is sponsored by Premier Protein

I’ve had so much fun being an ambassador for Premier Protein this year — not to mention gobbling up every bar they sent me and almost drink all the powder and smoothies too. Gonna have to restock soon!

So when I got the opportunity to showcase the brand to my CrossFit gym, Three Kings.  I was excited. It’s helped me with performance and nutrition so of course I wanted to let others know about it.

I usually hit up the 10am weekday class. Working from home has it’s perks! Lots of moms and other other people that work from home too — or folks that have jobs with strange hours like nurses, doctors, cops or firefighters.

We always have a decent crowd and everyone was pretty excited to get e sample of some of the flavors I brought. Of course, this was before I knew about the new caramel flavor!

So after our workout that morning, I herded a few folks over and made an announce about Premier and why I like it so much. A lot of people weren’t keen on being photographed but make no mistake, they were grabbing up those samples!

With so many proteins on the market, sometimes it’s  hard to know what’s actually good so it’s nice to have someone tell you what they like and why.

After a tough round of back squats and some other WOD (can’t remember which!) that included a lot of rowing, it was important to refuel right away and get those muscles what they needed! I was so glad to share my love of Premier with my fellow gym goers.

And the great thing about it is…you can buy it most places — including Wal-Mart — and I even saw it at Sam’s Club the other day. Of course, you can always go new school and buy it online too.

Since I started talking about Premier, I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback and I know some of my readers and followers have tried it. Y’all know I love the banana and strawberry flavors best!

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